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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  January 12, 2013 11:00pm-12:00am PST

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[cheering] >> woo-hoo. one down, one to go to the beg game. the 49ers clobbered green bay tonight. and are now just one win away from the super bowl. good evening and thank you for joining us. i'm ama daetz. first, the plummeting temperatures across the bay area. let's begin with meteorologist leigh glaser. >> we're seeing clear sky out there with live doppler 7hd right now. but let's get right to those watches and warnings. we do have another freeze warning overnight tonight, until 8:00 a.m. tomorrow for the north bay. east bay interior valley area, santa clara, the dark purple shading on the map. we also have a bay shoreline right there, a frost advisory again for temperatures tonight,
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low to mid-30s. for these freezes warnings are anticipated temperatures into the mid-20s. and let show you where we are right now. santa rosa, 33 degrees. napa, 37. antioch, 37. and san francisco, in the low 40s right now. so the freeze is on. we'll look at the numbers coming up. >> we'll have much more on the freezing temps coming up. with a look at what is being done to help keep people warm we'll have a live report. >> now to the night's other big story, the 49ers one game away from the super bowl. shu has a look at the big game. >> mike: what a game. i collin kaepernick has been amazing in his eight starts but none more so in a win over the packers. second quarter, layser to michael crab tree. second touchdown catch of the damp. a report night for colin. third quarter, keeps it himself, and he is the story.
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56-yard touchdown, set an nfl playoff record for quarterbacks, running for 181 yards, threw for 263 yards and two scores. the niners advance the nfc championship game. 45-31 the final. collin rush is live at the stick. collin? >> in my possession here, the quest for six towel handed to all the fans tonight. of cures they're looking for a sixth super bowl title. we wondered, and i think most fans wondered, how would colin kaepernick react in his first postseason start. well, he replied in a big way. despite an early pick six, 444-yard of total offense for kaepernick. >> it's going to be all right. just one of those things. came out ready to go. knew he would have a big game.
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>> 400 yards rushing? >> almost. >> it's a lot easier on me when other people are making plays. so our offensive line came out and dominated up front. that makes it easier on the quarterback. >> thought we played great. collin had a great game. just -- >> jim harbaugh, the man can coach. becomes the eighth coach in nfl history to lead his team to the league championship game his first two seasons. that's amazing. of course, much more later on in sports. for now, we're live at candlestick park. shu, back to you. >> mike: we'll have complete highlights in sports. >> the fans went crazy and feel they're within striking distance. john alstan is live at candlestick park. >> the parking lot is empty. it is a mess. the traffic jam is over.
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but the celebrations continue tonight, and fans favor the victory, a win that seemed a little iffy early on. >> it was the moment that niners fans had waited for. >> yeah, baby. >> fans steamed out of candle stick, finally relieved the niners broke free of the back and fourth ties in the game. >> stressful game. kaepernick came back. good job. >> green bay fans were gracious in their loss but did not seem to escape good naturer ribbing. >> had a better game plan, kind of disappointing. >> you can join us. >> came out to support aaron rodgers. >> not working well for you. >> it was a really good first half and we had a lot of fun going to the game. candlestick park is a lot of
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fund, but cooperate hold on. >> this is a full day for san francisco police who confiscated thousands of dollars of boot leg nfl items. undercover officers posed as fans for both teams. this was a pleasant and memorable night for naji and his son. >> actually our first pro ball we were there together. 49ers, i had a such a great season, and to finally pull ahead and advance is faction to see. >> awesome. 49ers! >> san francisco police made an untold number of arrests for bad behavior and a number of fans were ejected for bothering other spectators. if you didn't have the hundreds of dollars to see it in person, there were other party zones, sergio quinn tan that has that coverage. >> just minutes before the kickoff, we met dominique streeter and packer fab andrew. they packed into kezar pub.
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they came here because of a mutual friend. >> a friend told me he had a surprise for me. he likes to see my in gray. so he invited this guy. >> i'm just going to keep me mouth shut. >> the game started and just after halftime it was clear the 49ers were dominating the matchup. [cheering] >> how is the night going? >> amazing. >> unfortunately for andrew and the handful of other packer fabs who squeezed into the pub. the night didn't go according to their plans. >> hough is the game going? >> not very well. >> in the end, the 49ers won the night with a 45-31 final score. a triumph for dom milwaukee and her 49ers faithful. and though his team lost the guy in grown -- green and gold got
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support. >> you're taking this pretty well,. >> you got to have fun. it's just a game. >> in san francisco, abc7 news. >> the niners' win means san francisco mayor ed lee will collect on a wager with his grebe green counterpart. the mayor smith with folk over wisconsin cheese, chocolate and wine. we want to see how you're enjoying the game, e-mail your niner fan photos to you report at web >> it is official. the national hockey league lockout is over, and the season begins next saturday. the league and players tonight agreed to a memorandum of understanding, legally ending the lockout. training camps could open tomorrow. now back to that cold snap in north bay, bracing for the big chill tonight. cornell bernard is live in bet human ma.
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-- petaluma. folks are bundling up. >> folks here are bracing for the coldest night so far this year. behind me, petaluma boulevard, it's been very quiet for hours. near freezing temperatures keeping many people inside. >> it's so cold in petaluma, you might swear these icicles were the real thing. >> it's no night for street performer danny burks to be outside with his dog, molly. >> i'm from iowa. we get this type of cold, but we get it with snow. so frost all every everything, all over the sleeping bags. >> the frost almost looked like snow on auto row after a deep freeze overnight, which sent aaron into survival mode. >> heat cranked up high and lots of extra blankets. >> surprised tourists thought california was always warm and sunny. >> it's cold as ice.
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that and the wind and rain, i thought i was back home. >> the frigid cold was great for business at this store, where it's christmas every day. >> we had a lot of people coming in, just checking out the store. so it helps out with the business when it's cold outside. >> across petaluma boulevard, it's slow. at la la's creamery, katy says ice cream isn't a must-have on a chilly night like this. >> it was hot out today, the line out the door. but it got cold. >> what do you do when it gets cold? >> we clean. >> want a warm police to freeze this evening, freeze warning means cover your delicate plants and pipes, and if you have pets,
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bring them inside. we're live, cornell bernard, abc7 news. >> ama: meteorologist leigh glaser will be up later this half hour and later on this hour with a full forecast. you can get current temperatures anytime on still to come at 11:00. a huge turnout, possibly the biggest ever are for a bay area gun show. why so many people are stocking up. >> strange weather across the u.s. at it cold here, but what a difference it makes win you head east. >> later, the worry as the flu
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>> ama: huge lines and long waitz for ammunition and guns at the crossroads of the west gun show in daly city today. tomas roman was there and has a look at the crowds. >> i cannot believe the number of people in cars. >> buck is as shocked at the turnout as are organizers of the crossroads of the west gun show at the cow palace. thousands came, many for the same reason and the same concern. jay rein just bought an ar-15 assault rifle. >> need to get them now before the take them away. >> did you just buy this or have one already? >> i have three at home. this is the fourth. >> i'm 100th in line and there's 500 people in line to get ammunition. >> many say the reason for the huge turnout is the discussion going on in washington. vice-president joe biden convened a series of meetings to hopefully build a consensus among the nra, gun owners and
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antigun proponent. the idea is to prevent more tragedy like sandy hook and possibly have a ban on assault weapons. he says it's created fear among gun owners. >> because obama wants to take everybody's guns away so they're down here buying ammo, buying guns, getting ready for the next revolution. >> gun show president bob templeton takenned the meetings in washington. >> further restrictions on the second amendment, not on the table for discussion. >> templeton says that is his stand as well as the nra, he says some consensus was reached as far as brown checks for criminal and mental health records, but thinks the administration is just having the meetings for show. >> productive dialogue. i think hey had their mind made up. >> the task force on guns is expected to present recommendations by the oaivedz the month. templeton expects 8,000 people here at the cow palace on sunday and expects to sell out of ammunition.
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in daly city, abc7 news. >> ama: the eighth and final suspect in the murder of a 14-year-old boy in san francisco is in county jail tomorrow. he was arrested in connection with the beating death of reyes at roosevelt park last april. seven other men face murder and attempted murder charms in the teen's death. they're accuses over a back-related attack on reyes and his older brother. >> santa cruz police released a sketch of a man who groped a 12-year-old girl. officers say this map grabbed her at 2:30 p.m. yesterday. he ran away when the girl con fronted him. the police are asking anyone who recognizes the attack ore to give them a call. >> while we bundle up in california, it feels like spring on the east coast. temperatures in the 60s in the ohio valley and southeast. tomorrow temps could reach 0 from southern virginia to florida.
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40 cities could break record or high temperatures, but the winter weather will return next week. >> we're disease it inly feeling the whether it who winter weath. >> leigh: a couple more nights of some subfreezing temperatures, and then we'll get a nice warmup. live doppler 7hd showing you clear sky. let's get right to the current readings. accept rose sacks 32. 35, napa, 44 right now in san francisco. 400 in fremont. 35 livermore. 37, san jose. these numbers, general check this out. down by as much as eight degrees, and last night in fairfield, good indication temperatures are going to be much colder tonight. down five degrees in santa rosa, don't have the wind, so calm winds, clear sky, cold air mass, and temperatures are going down tonight. san jose, down four degrees from this time last night.
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so freeze warnings in place. cold spell continues through sunday, and then after that we'll continue with milder temperatures. those are the freeze warnings once again. dark purple shading on the map. freeze warning until 8:00 a.m. tomorrow. north bay, east bay, valley areas, this is where we're going to see the freezing overnight, with temperatures dropping into the mid-to-upper 20s, and then the frost advisory, bay shoreline, the light purple shading on the map. that is in effect at 8:00 a.m. and we'll find temperatures low to mid-30s. here's a look at estimated lows tonight. mid-to upper 20s in the north bay. napa, 27. 38, san francisco, 33, oakland, and look for mid-to upper 20s readings out towards the east bay. san jose, you'll dip one below freezing at 31. folks, you can see she cold air pushing south, and that's exactly what we're going to have
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to deal with. as high pressure builds in, another surge of cold air will sink over the bay area tonight, and tomorrow, and as we get into monday and tuesday, all of this is going to shift towards the east which means the cold weather pushes east, high pressure builds in, and we should start to have moderating temperatures into he upper 50s to 60s, a couple more days and we'll warm up a bit. here's the highs for sunday. nice sunshine. it will be cool to cold. santa rosa, 50. antioch, 48. 49 in livermore. 51, san jose. santa cruz, 52. 5 for watsonville, and 51, gilroy. the accuweather seven-day forecast, string of cold morning tomorrow and monday. and then after that, moderating temperatures, back up into the 60s as we head into wednesday.
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overnight temperatures in the 40s, and then a few more clouds and valley fog on thursday. by the way, this is one of those rare times when the bay area's forecast coincides with what people in the other parts of the country experience during winter. microclimates make this one of the few places in the world with vastly different types of weather events, microclimates are among the phenomenon that the abc7 news team and i are exploring and explaining this weekend. during a news special, "inside bay area weather" tomorrow evening at 6:30 right here on abc7 news. hope you tune in for it. >> ama: mike shumann is here. nice win for the niners. >> mike: the 49ers headed to the nfc title game. collin kaepernick saved his best game their the
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>> mike: as a former player i had my doubts about colin kaepernick leading the giants into the playoffs with seven nfl starts. he starts with a nightmare throw
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but battles back and sets an nfl record in the process. i'm now a believer. before the game, aaron rodgers, and former starter alex smith. fans a little worried with the quarterback at the beginning. second pass of the game, picked off by sam shields. goes 52 yards. 7-0 packers just like that. but the kid made up for his mistake. third and eight. keeps it himself for his first career postseason touchdown. wouldn't bet be his last. game tied. green bay, 22 minutes of possession in the game. harris gives them the lead. nice cut there, 14-7 packer, but the 49ers answer, crabtree, a huge game. 11 yards, nine receptions, two t.d.s, niners led 21-14. rodgers answers, finding james jones. drives it 267 yards two t.d.s and niners up at the half. third quarter, kaepernick sets
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the nfl record with the most rushing yards for a quarterback. he had 444 total yards of offense and four t.d.s and never looked back. fourth quarter, frank gore, two of -- they're heading to the nfc national championship game. 45-31 the final. face the winner of tomorrow's seahawks-falcons game, kaepernick, 181 yards rushing, two t.d.s, 22 minutes of possession, and colin rush is live at candlestick. what a game. you must be proud to be sporting the same first name as mr. kaepernick. >> yeah, irtell you, shu, he sure made colin's nationwide very proud. the packers had no answer for that read option attack and cap. he ran it to perfection. now, well, of course, it's on to the nfc title game, as you said, for a second straight year, and
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that means unfinance issued business. >> it's a lot easier on me when other people are making plays. our offensive line came out and dominated up front. >> we kept them backed up. made some plays. he made in plays. but we made more plays than them. >> another week of work so we move on with humble hearts and get ready for the next opponent. >> this is one of the most important games right here because we're men. going to get another shot, back at it again. >> chicago or falcons, which do you prefer? >> doesn't matter. we have to practice hard and those are two great teams and we have to be ready to play. >> last year it was bad. it was what it was, but we're in a new year and i'm just trying to make a play and trying to get this w. >> how good was the niner offense tonight? here's some perspective. 579-yards of total offense eclipsed the team's previous
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playoff record set 28 years ago, the 1985 super bowl win over miami. impressive night for the 49ers in their 45-34 win. reporting live, abc7 news. >> we'll take a brief time-out. peyton manning can blame no one here you go little man. [ humming ] [ babbling ] the cheerios bandit got you again? [ both laugh ] ♪ the one and only, cheerios ...and now...
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[ rain pattering ]
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[ heels clicking ] [ female announcer ] yoplait light tastes great now... ♪ ...and feels great later 20 delicious flavors of yoplait light, now at 90 calories each. yoplait, it is so good! >> mike: peyton manning was having a career year with the broncos, happening to add a second super bowl tight toll his resume. denver and baltimore. peyton manning, unbelievable comeback can opening kickoff, 104, first player in nfl history to score a punt and a kickoff return in a playoff game. 28-21 broncos. one last chance for the ravens
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and joe flacco heaves it towards jones. are you kidding me? 70-yard touchdown. we head to overtime tied at 35. peyton manning threw for three tds but three turnovers as well, picked off by graham for the second time in the game. sets up baltimore in denver territory. in double-overtime, dustin tucker lines up for field goal. the 38-35 double-overtime victory for the ravens. >> this sports report brought by river rock casino. more coming up later in the newscast. >> ama: lance armstrong comes clean? hmm, his plan to open up and who he is going to talk to. >> coughing, sneezing, a nation overwhelmed. >> plows, she became america's
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tower >> ama: good evening, i'm ama daetz. in tonight's headlines. you think it's cold now, wait until tomorrow. sunday is predicted to be even chillier in the bay area. get out the blankets, mitt 's, leg warmers, anything to get through the deep freeze. >> thousands of people attended a gun show in san francisco. many said they're buying guns and ammunition because they fear president obama will place restrictions on weapons. vice-president joe biden is expected to deliver recommendations to help curb gun violence this week. >> family and friends held a memorial service for alyssa byrne, many wore pink, her favorite color her body was found in the snow. her burial will be private. >> france is on alert for a possible terrorist attack
11:35 pm
following military action in africa. french troops were on the move from the country of chad to mali france sent planes and troops to mali after an appeal from the president. the concern is the rebels could use mali as a base to attack the west. across the country, people are piling into doctors offices, pharmacies and clinics, trying to get vaccinated to stay a step ahead of the flu epidemic. at the same time more and more hospitals are cracking down on health workers who are refusing flu shots. reporter: the flu epidemic sweeping the country is forcing more government action. new york governor andrew cuomo declared a public health emergency on saturday. the order allows pharmacists to immunize children.
11:36 pm
and there's more than four times the cases reported last year. hospitals are overwhelmed. >> we're setting records here in our urgent care center in the term0s of number of patients per day. >> residents and nursing home it's about preventing a mass spread among those at risk. patients across the country are suffering. >> i was in bed for about five or six days. >> since then, she has got an flu shot, but others aren't so lucky. some hospitals and doctors are running out of flu vaccine. >> should be getting in possibly 30 doses, but that could be gone in 20 minutes. >> oh due you know if you need a shot if you have the flu or just the common cold. >> you think about a cold, usually affects you from the neck up. so congestion, sinus, fullness, sore throat. but the flu is going to affect your whole body in addition to those symptoms going to feel achy all over. >> there's good news.
11:37 pm
more than two months into the epidemic, some hospitals and health departments say it looks like theraflu season has peaked. abc news. >> if your family needs to get flu shots we have a list of resources available at abc7, including the shoo the flu program where children get flu shots for free. >> google found a way to calibrate hutch flew -- how much flu is going on around the world. there are more flu related searches during flu season, of course. the company counts how many people search for flu-related topics and can estimate how much flu is second -- circulating and where. >> tonight the treasurery department says the trillion dollar coin is off the table. president obama's liberal alis have been promoting the strategy to mint the copy, then draw the funds to pay bills. treasurery secretary says it's
11:38 pm
illegal to minute a coin for that purpose. >> he is considered thest cyclist of all time, but hanging over his head is doping. now lance armstrong may be coming clean about his use during tour de france races. >> in his last interview with oprah two years ago, lance armstrong got a hero's welcome. now displaced and labeled as a cheater, he'll face a much tough iraudience next week when he sits with her again. but as expected, armstrong confesses to doping, it would likely come only after the statute of limitations on perjury charges ran out, following this strong denial underoath. >> i want to make sure your testimony is clear. >> it can't be any clearer, i've never taken drugs. >> an about, face could land him in serious hot water. he is also facing a whistle below suit, and another suit from a british newspaper and threats from a promoter that
11:39 pm
wants 7.5 million does yet. yet armstrong texted the ap, i told oprah she can go wherever she wants. >> he is setting himself up for more trouble than he has already been in. >> armstrong was stripped of his titles and banned from the sport for life last year after the u.s. antidoping agency issued a detailed report accusing him of leading a foe business tick indicated and brazen drug program on this u.s. postal teams. >> a 23-year-old con tis stand from brooklyn is miss america 2013. >> your new miss america is... miss new york! >> ama: mallly haggan won the pageant in las vegas, she tap-danced to win the prize and her cause was stopping child abuse. the first autistic contestant was also participating, miss
11:40 pm
montana. >> i thank you for voting for me. i'm that much closer to becoming miss america. thank you so much. >> haggan wins a $50,000 college scholarship and gets to wear the crown for one year. mist south -- miss south carolis the runner up, and miss oklahoma was third. >> the new easy way to sell on ebay. >> there goes an ebay van, except it's not making deliveries, it's making pickups. i'm in san jose, we'll explain i would why in a story you'll see only on 7 coming up. >> the white house takes on star wars. what they're saying tonight about a request to build the death star. >> and, folks, freezing temperatures once again overnight. take a look at the expected lows by early tomorrow morning. if you're traveling around the state
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>> oracle promises it will make a security fix for its java software. the flaw is only in one version and doesn't affect applications running on sir servers. >> there's no shortage of things you can buy on ebay, but the san san jose based auction web site was wondered if it could streamline the process of selling. >> ebay has six of these vans making the rounds in the south
11:44 pm
bay. a new initiative to help people sell goods on the popular web site. >> marge get? i'm marvin. you asked assistance. >> yes, ebay does pickups. it's in the second month of a pilot project to send out selling assistants who provide advice on what items are likely to sell. the first step is inventerory. >> margaret has never sold anything before today. >> it's the old, time is money and i'm willing -- there's a commission but that commission is well worth me not having to spend the time to do it. plus, there's a learning curve, but i'm so busy. >> the commission is 25%. she's putting up for auction toys her children have outgrown and skis. she hopes to two or three hundred dollars. the items will be photographed and posted online for three days and listed for 14 days.
11:45 pm
ebay has done limited marketing, the vans making pickups, and word of mouth, has sparked many sellers to use the service. his they're amazed by the interest. >> people are amazed we would come to their house, pick up the things they want to sell. we do everything for them and the money shows up in their account. >> pickups are limited to portion office san jose, los gatos, saratoga and campbell. ebay is testing the service in to peek cashing -- topeka, kansas. there's no limit the number of items. if the item does not sell, there's an option to donate to charity or have it returnedded. >> the pilot program will end the end of the month and then ebay will decide whether to roll it out nationally. >> ama: disappointing news for. some the u.s. doesn't plan on building a death star anytime soon. more than 34,000 people sign the
11:46 pm
petition calling on the obama administration to build the super weapon in a posting on the white house web site, the spice advisor says why waste money on a death star with a fundamental flaw that can be exploited by a one man starship. >> we have very cold temperatures. >> leigh: cold temperatures and clear sky. definitely bundle up, get ready for the freezing to take place overnight. live doppler 7hd telling you no returns right now. so clearing as well as west wind, calm conditions. temperatures are going to start to bottom out by early tomorrow morning. in fact here's a look at some of our expected lows. mid-to-upper 20s. that's about it. and santa rosa as well as napa. could be even colder in some of those sonoma valley areas. 38, expected low for san francisco, 33, oakland.
11:47 pm
mid-to-upper 20s in the east bay, and morgan hill, overnight tonight, getting down to 27 degrees. the entire state influenced by the cold air mass all the way down to southern california. san diego tomorrow, 56. al -- 58 in los angeles. south lake tahoe right now, minus two degrees. tomorrow they'll warm up to only 27 degrees. here's a look at the accuweather seven-day forecast. we do get another cold morning on monday and then after that, folks, we report start to warm things up with overnight temperatures in the upper 30s to mid-40s, and even maybe a few 60s heading into wednesday and this. the lisa will be here tomorrow morning with an update. >> ama: it was really fun for the fans at the stick. >> one was really hot. we have a new super star in the bay area, his name, colin
11:48 pm
kaepernick, all the details and reaction to
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11:50 pm
>> i am officially a believer. i had my doubt about kaepernick with only seven nfl starts. sets an nfl record.
11:51 pm
two number one draft choices in 2005, alex smith and aaron rodgers met before the game. fans worry about the quarterback in the beginning. here's the throw, picked off by sam shields, goes 5 yards, 7-0 packers. but the kid made up for the mistake. keeps itself himself. man, he is fast. first career postseason touchdown. game tied at seven. green bay, 22 minutes of possession in the game. harris gives them the lead. great cut. 14-7 packers. but the niners answer. michael crabtree touchdowns, crabtree, nine catches two 2ds, niners led 21-14, but aaron rodgers answers. under 3:00 in the half. finds james jones. niners up three at the half. third quarter, kaepernick, an nfl playoff record by rushing yards by a quarterback with 181. he had 44 44 -- 444 total yards
11:52 pm
offense. frank -- 579 total yards. heading to the nfc title game. they face the winner of tomorrow's seahawks-falcons game. >> it's a lot easier on me when other people are making plays. our offensive line came out and dominated up front. so that makes it easier on the quarterback. >> going to be all right. one of those things. came on the sidelines, ready to go. i knew he would have a big day for us. >> 200 yards rushing? >> almost. >> here we go. hard to lose like that. >> peyton manning was having a career year with the broncos, hoping to add a second super bowl tight toll his resume. denver hosting baltimore and the ravens said no more. peyton manning, up believable
11:53 pm
comeback after four neck surgeries. we're tied at 21. holliday, 09-yard punt return in the first quarter. then this quick. first player to score a kickoff and punt return in a game. denver, up a touchdown. last call for the ravens. joe flacco airs it out to jones. what? 0-yard -- 70-yard touchdown. head to overtime. manning, three turnovers, picked off by graham. sets up baltimore in denver territory, and in double overtime, rookie kick 'er, justin tucker, 47-yard field goal, good. ravens headed to their second afc title game with the 38-35 double overtime victory. >> switch gears, college hoops, cal hosting washington state. both team s 9-6. cal's new football coach in the house.
11:54 pm
total team effort for the bears, cobbs to solomon. throws it down. seven points and eight boards. time winding down. thurman gets the loose ball. bears up two at the break. freshman wallace getting in on the action. the offensive rebound and putback. led the bear with 15. cal improves to 10-6. 2-2 in pac-12 play, beating the cougars. >> stanford hosting washington. late second half. rarntiond -- game tied. time wiping down. huskies get the rebound to wilcox. all alone, he lays it in. washington wins, 65-60. stanford falls to 10-7. >> santa clara looking for the first win at home against byu. the layup is missed but carlino there for the putback. byu up nine.
11:55 pm
santa clara trying to keep it close. broncos down one but byu too tough. game-high 25. byu wins 82-64. >> wcc matchup. st. mary's and usf. the inbound pass to hope. sales the game for the gaels. check out the three-quarter court heave. nothing but net. it counts. gaels improve to 13-4, dons, 7-10, this sports report brought to you by river rock casino. if salt -- salt -- seattle wins, niners host them. if the falcons win, they go to atlanta. >> that's it for us, thank you captioned by closed captioning services inc. >> we want to see a 49ers pride, e-mail your fan photos to web
11:56 pm we just might show yours on the air.
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